5 Reasons Why Online Bingo is Gaining Massive Popularity Among Online Gamers

The rise in popularity for online jackpots whether offered by a popular casino or an enticing bonus from certain slot games, have curiously been linked to a number of things, the increasing amount of gamers and even the increase in studies that suggest bingo to be good for ones mental-well being. In particular, most experts in the bingo field have expressed astonishment at the massive gain in popularity online bingo has gained among online gamers. This can be attributed to a number of factors which I have detailed below.

1. The change of gaming as a niche hobby to a mainstream one. With the rise of gaming systems such as the PS2 and Wii, gaming has risen from a decidedly niche hobby to an activity enjoyed by many. Many of the newcomers to the gaming industry are what some would call “casual gamers” in that they do not approach it with the same passion and fervency as other more established gamers and instead resort to games like poker and solitaire instead.

The increase in casual gamers has provided a tremendous boom to online bingo as more and more people try out those games. While previously most gamers wouldn’t have bothered trying out online bingo, new casual gamers are more open to these types of games. Even the popular casual game developer, Zynga is taking advantage of this boon by releasing popular bingo games such as Zynga Bingo to Facebook users. Other sites such as slots.com gives you an all-access pass to a variety of online bingo games and other immersive and entertaining games such as online slot games, roulette and video poker to keep you entertained for hours on end.

2. Convenience. In the past, bingo could be a cumbersome game to play. It required you not only to find cards but also to organize a group of friends to play it with. With the advent of online bingo and the internet, the game has become much more convenient to play. Now you can play on your own schedule whenever you feel like it against anyone around the world.

Thanks to the interconnected nature of online bingo, players are also able to access leaderboards and statistics for their bingo games. This has introduced a competitive element to the game as people compete to have the best stats.

3. Automation making certain aspects of the game easier. With most online bingo sites, players can make use of certain tools to automate cumbersome aspects of the game. For instance, there is an auto-daub feature in which the computer automatically marks off the numbers on cards once they are called so that the player does not have to.

In addition to the auto-daub feature, there are also features such as “best card sorting and highlighting” in which players can help find the cards that are closest to bingo. This has changed the way bingo is played making it more accessible for everyone.

The online nature of the game also allows for players to easily switch between variations of bingo. If a player gets bored of playing a regular bingo game, they can try out one of the many variations that are available on most sites.

4. Ease of communication. Unlike traditional bingo in which talking is strictly forbidden, online bingo allows for and even encourages communication between players. The ability to chat with other players helps introduce a friendly and inviting atmosphere to the game and is helpful when it comes to fostering a fun and safe bingo environment.

While harassment from other users is no doubt a concern, most online bingo sites feature “chat monitors” which help keep these users at bay. Thanks to the use of chat monitors, online bingo players can be safe and sound knowing that a game will always maintain its friendly and communal atmosphere.

5. The introduction of online bingo on mobile devices. Thanks to the advent of the iPhone and the App store, the amount of people who prefer playing their favorite bingo games on a mobile device has increased tremendously. Game reviews and customer reaction has also been favorable. This has also done wonders for online bingo as more users continue to express interest in playing bingo on their phone.

In fact, the company that manages Mecca Bingo, Rank Group has stated that they have seen strong growth within the mobile sector with mobile gaming accounting for more than 6% of their revenues in 2011. This is incredible growth within the mobile sector and certainly hints that online bingo, together with other virtual games for online slot machines readily available, will only add to the online aspects’ surge in popularity over the coming years.

Conclusion: If you’re interested in more info about online bingo, check out this informative article from the BBC regarding the game of bingo. Online casinos are incredibly popular and for good reason, if you haven’t tried them before, now is the best time to experience this more than ever! Make sure to leave a slot in your smartphone’s memory open, in today’s information age, downloading the best online bingo games on your mobile phones and tablets are all but a simple click away.