A Tale of Two Syrias


Salem is an Iraqi fashion designer in Damascus. Botrus lives a remote existence in a hillside monastery. This consistently insightful and unexpected documentary offers a unique perspective on what the dream of freedom means to two very different people in the face of a brutal regime, creating a vital snapshot of life in the year before Syria’s uprising.

2012, 64 mins, UK /Syria

A Tell Brak Films production with Cadies Productions & Freedonia Films. Made with support from the University of Edinburgh.

Screened at various international festivals including Glasgow Film Festival & Birds Eye View Film Festival.

Director & Editor- Yasmin Fedda / Producers- Jim Hickey, Robin Mitchell, Yasmin Fedda/ Executive Producers – Nick Higgins, Noe Mendelle, Jolyon Mitchell/Edit Consultant -Steve Sprung / Online Edit- Peter Appleyard / Sound Design – Marcelo de Oliveira / Assistant Producer,Sound Recording, Additional Camera -Dan Gorman / Voice Over Recording – Llewelyn Ap Myrddin /  Translation – Itab Azzam & Yasmin Fedda


“The result is an opportunity to listen to the voices most often lost in conflict – those of the peaceful people others claim to be fighting for.” Review by Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film

“The witty humanity of her two portraits of these men subtly highlights the brutality of Bashar Al-Assad’s regime without laboring the point.” Review by Rachel Haliburton, The Majalla

“The equivalent of a film thermometer, this is a fascinating way of taking the Syrian temperature…In some ways, this is a contemporary echo of Budayri, The Barber of Damascus – a Syrian barber who kept a diary during the mid-eighteenth century which chronicled the downfall of the Ottoman Empire.  The diary survives as an important historical document and useful insight into what happened and why”. Review by Clare Dean, Mostly Film