Ayouni – In production

Photo Credit: Orwa Mokdad

90 mins  – In Production

Director Yasmin Fedda  //  Producers – Hugh Hartford & Elhum Shakerifar

In 2011 Bassel was a successful open source developer and hacker in Damascus. Paolo was a well-known priest based in Mar Musa monastery. Both active in the revolution in 2011, they were witnesses to crimes and aggression before they were forcibly disappeared.

Ayouni follows two high profile figures of the Syrian revolution and asks how do you rebuild country when its civil society has been disappeared, killed and scattered across continents?

Like archaeologists we are left to dig through the dirt and find the fragments of truth.

http://www.ayounifilm.com  / @AyouniFilm

A co-production with Banyak Films & Hakawati

Supported by SANAD, Cap Kuwait, Amnesty International and BFI Vision Award. Working closely with #FREEBASSEL campaign and Families For Freedom.