At a unique Edinburgh bakery, a community of workers with learning disabilities makes a variety of organic breads for daily delivery to shops and cafes in the city .The Garvald Bakery is part of a centre inspired by the ideas of Rudolph Steiner where the workers realise their potential for self-discovery and creativity in a social environment.

2007, 11 mins.

A Cadies Productions film for the Scottish Documentary Institute  Bridging the Gap initiative.

Director,  sound recordist & editor – Yasmin Fedda /  Producers – Jim Hickey & Robin Mitchell  / Executive Producer –  Noe Mendelle  / Executive Producer for Scottish Screen – Becky Lloyd   / Director of Cinematography – Veera Lehto /  Sound design – Marcelo  de Olivera  / Co-ordinator – Sonja Henrici

Bafta nominated, and screened at over 60  international festivals including Sundance Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, and screened Art on the Underground.


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“The scale of Fedda’s achievement with her relatively humble material can be measured against the subject matter of the other documentaries on offer at Sundance…Fedda’s documentary does not offer a critique of Steiner/Garvald policies. In fact, it offers little in conventional cinematic terms. There is no commentary, no interviews, no eavesdropping, no love interest and no conflict…” Erlend Clouston, The Guardian

“Part of its apparent ability to travel well is doubtless down to its lack of any spoken narrative and its simple, direct but engagingly evocative recording of this most universal of occupations, accompanied only by snatches of conversation and singing, by the satisfying wallop of the dough off the table – and concluding with a virtuoso whistling solo from Thomas Griffiths.” Jim Gilchrsit, The Scotsman

Production Company

Cadies Productions Ltd.   –  Robin Mitchell: robin(at) (producer)

Funded and supported by

Scottish Documentary Institute